About Me

Hello, my name is Kevin Barr and I would like to explain a little about why I decided to write the letters on this website.

I was born into a family that didn’t care much about religious values but did care a lot about finding ways to enjoy the middle-class American Dream with all its’ indulgences. I didn’t understand what was wrong with that combination at the time but I did reject their plan for my life and abruptly left while still a teenager. Without any sense of self or values I meandered through life for a decade, falling deeper into drug and alcohol use while living in the underground economy. Eventually depression and feelings of despair drove me to abandon everything and live a homeless life in rescue missions spread across multiple states for several years.

What I learned about God and myself during that period changed my life forever. However I still had some baggage in my character to work out, and did not have a strong support group of fellow believers to rely on. I struggled with success and failure for the next decade and a half or so. Suffering through some family crises and earning two DUI convictions in a short period put me back into severe depression. I still had some faith in the God of the Bible though, so I ran back to Him instead of running away from everything. I came to understand that this was all part of the learning curve, my personal experiences with the Old Testament lessons about what happens when loving and learning from God or when hardening my heart and ignoring Him.

I renewed my covenant with God and was amazed at how quickly my relationship with him was restored. I wrote a letter to the rescue mission that I originally met God at. I put a copy of the letter <here> because it has valuable insight for anyone who is struggling to figure out what is really important in life. PLEASE read it!

Since then I have spent much time learning about various worldly and Spiritual ideas by meditating on them while reading God’s Bible and praying with Him. Eventually I decided I could understand them for myself better if I started writing them down instead of trying to remember what God already taught me every time I wanted to develop an idea a little further (eh, memory…).

After writing out dozens of outlines and lists of notes it occurred to me that if I had enough faith that it was God teaching me these things, then maybe there were other people who think in a similar way to me that may benefit from reading them. So I developed a few of them into letters. I am not a professional writer by any stretch of the imagination, so please bear with any writing errors that may imply ignorance or incoherence on my part. I believe the ideas I write about show God’s perspective, although some letters may make more sense after other letters are read.

Please show people this website instead of copying from it, Thanks!